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  Anson Road Safari Cats
Gertrud Mayer
Member Since: September 2005

London, England

Tel: +44 (0)20 7700 0897

Email: info@ansonroad.co.uk


  We live with our cats in a big, rambling mansion block apartment in central London. Occasionally, we have litters and aim to produce exotic looking, sweet, relaxed cats. We do not dock our Pixie Bob kitten's naturally long tails and do not declaw any of our cats. Anson Road is a TICA registered breeder  
  Belle Hollow Farms & Exotics
Betsy and Stan & Amanda Whitlock
Member Since: November 2005

Franklin, North Carolina

Tel: (828) 524-6943

Email: betsywhitlock1@gmail.com


  We have a new Safari kitten, F-1 savannah's, F-2 savannahs and Egyptian Maus available now and very reasonably priced! Our F-1 Savannah are human imprints, hand raised from birth for the ultimate in socialization. Our F-2 Savannahs are partial imprints which guarentees and sweet disposition and pliable pet. We also breed Egyptian Mau kittens which are available both as pets and to breeding programs including savannahs. Referrances available. Other Breeds: We have an established Geoffroy's Cat breeding program. call us at 828-524-6943, e-mail at betsywhitlock1@gmail.com  
Renee L. Scarcelli
Member Since: February 2010

Buffalo Missouri

Tel: (316) 772-2243

Email: catswithcattitude@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  Cattitude is a TICA registered cattery where we specialize in breeding hybrid F4 and F5 top quality Savannah cats. And F1 and F2 Safaris. We strive to produce kittens that have the Exotic look with a gentle, domestic temperament. Cattitude is a cattery with domestic and wildlife animal welfare experience. Our endeavor is to maintain the integrity of our magnificent breeds. Thus producing exceptional Savannah's, Safaris and Egyptian Maus for qualified, loving homes as happy, healthy, and extremely socialized pets. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.  
  Jungle Mountain Exotics
Bion Kirk
Member Since: December 2001


Tel: 818-787-7071

Email: Junglemtnexotics@aol.com


  Savannahs, Bengals, Chausies, Safaris, Jungle Lynx and Pixie Bobs  
  Marechal Cattery
Sheryl Koontz
Member Since: October 2004

Kenna, West Virginia

Tel: (304) 988-0406

Email: Sheryl@MarechalCattery.com


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  Domestic temperaments, exotic beauty. We offer well socialized, healthy Savannah, Bengal, Safari and Chausie kittens year round. All of our cats come with a written health guarantee.
Currently breeding F1 and F2 Safari cats.
  Purr-Fect Safaris
Debra Doyle
Member Since: March 2002

Florida (Tampa Bay area) and Michigan

Tel: FL - 813-404-5298 or MI - 248-682-4012

Email: ddoyle@hughes.net


Kittens Available
  We are a small family owned cattery producing loving Safari cubs.. They are raised in our home and our cats are never caged. Please check our Website often as litters arrive through the year.  
  Select Exotics
Dale & Holly Hummel
Member Since: May 2000

Chatsworth, IL

Tel: 815-635-3981
Tel: Dale's Cell: 815-405-4111 Holly's Cell: 815-405

Email: holly@savannahcatbreed.com


  Breeding the exotic feline of the 21st century by a professor of Animal Science.  
  Spotted Kittens
Member Since: March 2004

New York

Tel: (716) 407-0913

Email: savannahcatz@adelphia.net


  Breeder of the Safari Cat, Savannah Cat, Bengal Cat, Ocicat, Egyptian Mau Cats and Kittens.  

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